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Established in 2005, Press Metal firmly take sustainable development path revolving around doing business in compliance with the law, and focusing on honesty, and pursuing green and friendly environment; constantly explore and strive to be better all the time. For years, company continually improves our business level and actively pushes forward environment friendly and energy saving project. Now, the energy consumption level of Press Metal is at the leading position of same industry through continual efforts these years. Company constantly develop and introduce energy saving profiles, and actively promote them to the market. We make profits at the premise of improving the living environment of the society and try our best to be better and better!

Press Metal relies on complete industry chain, rich experience, normalized management mode, advanced technical equipment and strong technical power for development and innovation with the spirit of “team work, culture, reality, high efficiency, creativity”. With the support from cooperative partners, care and help from different circles, and concerted effort from company staff, PMI have now acquired lots of achievements one after another. During the hard run-in domestic business period, anti dumping from multi countries, financial crisis of Wall Street, Euro crisis and other challenges, we finally got through with unique business pattern and strong support from social communities, safe and sound. Meanwhile, various businesses of our company have witnessed stable growth and achieved excellent performance.

Looking to the future, we have a long way to go and will encounter lots of difficulties, but we have full confidence. We will continually adhere to the core value of “talented employees; integrity; respect; good faith; innovation; brand pursuit” and live up to the expectations of our cooperative partners and social circles. We will closely revolve around our strategic goals and insist on walking toward the international development road by optimizing and integrating resources, reinforcing internal foundation, and completely improving technology and service level so as to use flexible marketing tactics to respond rapid changes of the market and provide more competitive products to the customers at home and abroad. At the same time, we will continually make greater contribution to improving the living environment of human beings and give more back to the society. Let’s hand in hand, go ahead to create brilliance.


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