Brand Culture

Enterprise Culture

  • Corporate Spirit

    Team work   Culture  Reality  High efficiency  Creativity

  • Corporate Values

     talented employees  integrity  respect  good faith  innovation  brand pursuit

  • Corporate Vision

    To become globally recognized enterprise of being a leading provider in the world aluminum industry.

  • Corporate Mission

    To provide best quality products to our global customers.

  • People oriented

    We have emphasis on working environment with greenery around the factory. Various recreational facilities are available for our employees to relax after work. The company has been granted as “Green Garden Enterprise” by Foshan Municipal Government.

  • Staff Welfare

    We cover the social insurance for all our employees with air conditioning accommodation and three meals provided; shuttle bus service for staff to and from work; occupational health examination; health and safety training; labor security protection benefit……monthly birthday party and cultural sport activities on major holidays as to enrich employees leisure life, so that all employees feel the warmth of “Home”.

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